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Style Council

Stylist .:. Gaetano Cariati

Strong willed with an independent soul is how Gaetano flies through life. His talents for seeing the sub text in anything creative, is part of his charm.

Skipping out of school at a young age to pursue his career as a stylish persona with his hands in all aspects of performance arts. Has surrounded himself with people that can fuel his spirit. This translates into an effective hair stylist with a curiosity to succeed and excel to the next adventure.

Gaetano is working out of Angst a cooperative salon on Queen Street in Toronto. Being self employed works with his free nature so he can be off doing what ever he needs to fill his soul.  Searching for an editorial team is the current thrill for him.

Finding a group of equally talented visionaries will be quite a challenge for this “Guy” as his family and friends have  monikered him. 

Ride for Life a charity fundraiser for HIV. Which leaves from Toronto and ends in Montreal after six days of cycling. This is an annual event for him and some of his closest friends.

Exuberance is a word to describe this character and all should know him even for a moment you will be left with what a truly charming man can be. He is also a graduate of Billy's House of Charm and model for the character of the Dean.

Gaetano Cariati

Contact Gaetano Cariati
@ ANGST 416-360-5942

Why Billy Loves Guy

I have watched Guy grow through many stages of life’s experiences and can vouch for his sincerity and talent. He loves his family and has respect for everyone that he comes in contact with. He greets everyone with a huge smile. billyxoxo